Carports are by no means “one size, fits all,” and we do not want any of our customers to feel as if they have a lack of options regarding their carport design. Steel carports are one of our most popular installations, and they have many benefits to offer that may not be found in carports made of timber, making them better suited for some situations.

One major difference between steel and timber carports is the durability of the structure itself. Metal differs from wood in that it feels effects of the weather much less so, and will suffer less damage over time as a result, giving steel car ports better structural reliability as they age. In addition, steel carports are far more versatile in size. This means that they can be installed for reasons outside of housing a vehicle. In fact, many of our customers invest in steel carports to house other valuables, such as lawnmowers or boats. Because of this, a steel carport may be best for those needing a relatively small or large port to house objects of varying sizes, as timber ports are typically designed with only cars in mind.

Steel carports vs. Timber carports

Steel Carports 1If you are unsure as to which kind of carport best suits you and your needs, pay us a visit to learn more. Typically, steel carports are much easier to assemble than those made of timber. However we highly recommend having our team of professionals do any installation simply to ensure the structurally integrity of your carport. With this in mind, steel carports are typically less expensive than their timber counterparts. However they may not suit your design needs in the end. There are more options regarding size as far as steel carports go, but overall they tend to look a little less natural as extensions than timber carports. These can be designed to blend in perfectly with the structure they are attached to. If you are more concerned about the durability of your structure and what it is used for rather than it matching the design of your home, a steel carport may be your best options.

While steel carports have many benefits that cannot be found in one’s made of other materials, they are not suited for everyone. We encourage anyone that is considering the installation of a new car port to pay us a visit so that we can talk you through the process. You may be unsure as to what will work best for your needs, but our well-trained, experienced staff will have the answers to any questions you may have. They will be able to guide you to the appropriate steel carport design for your needs, while also informing you of any additional benefits that other carports may have.

Once you’ve decided what your carport will be mainly used for, contact us to get more information on steel carports to learn if they are best for you. We can take you through the process of finding and selecting a car port design that will perfectly fit your needs.