Carports Melbourne

Get the carport of your dreams

At Carports Melbourne we believe everyone deserves a great carport. One that suits the customers needs not only in size and durability but also in design and personal preference. Most people that have a carport know that you spend a substantial amount of time getting in and out of you car everyday in the carport, it also take up a fair bit of your property. That's why it's important to put in the extra time to get the perfect carport that suits you and your family. Don't worry, our local team in Melbourne are here to help! Give us a call on 0423 572 279 and one of our consultants can help you in your decision.

Steel Carports

Our range offer sustainable, reliable and stylish Steel Carports, servicing the Melbourne area. Steel differs from timber in that it is less affected of the weather, and will suffer less damage over time as a result, giving steel car ports better structural reliability as they get older.

Timber Carports

For a more natural looking style we offer durable Timber Carports. Made from premium timber sourced from top notch suppliers. Timber provides for a structure that is highly flexible regarding design, which makes often makes them a better fit any project needs.


At Carport Melbourne we care about the environment. Sustainability means a great deal in how we operate. We do our best to recycle unused or leftover materials in the most environmentally friendly way.